[Audio] Kid Machine’s ‘Prism’


Kid Machine

I don’t think anyone who knows anything about Italo music could be in any doubt, Manchester’s Kid Machine is one of the top artists, not just in the UK, but in the world, producing records right now. In just a couple of short years, this exponent of a dark retro future has risen to the top of his game, even collaborating with the likes of the Legendary Flemming Dallum.

He’s got a new record out very soon, we’ll be featuring it in the coming weeks, but until them the Kid has dropped a track from his vaults. Prism hails from October 2011, which put’s it around Return To Space time. Prism is an energetic slice of dystopian dancefloor soundtracking. Part hyperactive synthetic groover, part haunting Sci-Fi soundtrack, Prism delivers on both counts. While your feet are moved by the relentless beat and cascading arpeggios, let your mind wander with the evocative leads and intricate, shuffling, little flourishes. Prism is a nice reminder of how good Kid Machine can be, ahead of his new release. Bring it on!

♫ Kid Machine – Prism

Kid Machine appears on the Space Consortium 12” alongside Casionova and Flemming Dallum, out soon.

Buy Kid Machine’s music from:


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