[Audio] Grafton Primary return

Grafton Primary

Well, this is an awesome mid-week surprise, we’d kinda’ given up on Grafton Primary to be honest. but they are, as you will know if you were grooving in 2008, are one of the finest Indie-Disco-ElectroPop acts around. hailing from Sydney, these guys rocked everyone in the years leading up to their 2008 Eon album, then the line when quite.

Now they’ve picked up music’s call and are gearing up for the release of their second album, the reasonably cleverly titled Neo (see what they did there?, I guess album three will be called One then?). The first hint of tune to break ground from the new album is One More Life, their new single. Released yesterday, One More Life is a massive sounding slice of Discoy ElectroPop. More mature that the bands previous work, this is a stronger, slicker Grafton Primary, and one with big enough, anthemic enough, and funky enough, tracks to take over the world.

♫ Grafton Primary – One More Life

Grafton Primary’s One More Life is out now.

Buy Grafton Primary’s music from:


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