[Audio] OMD’s new single


SynthPop legends Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark return next month with a brand new single to precede their forthcoming English Electric album. The new release follows on from 2010’s History Of Modern album and really sees OMD getting back in their classic SynthPop groove.

The first single from the new record, Metroland, is a rousing slice of electronic Pop music. A seven minute odyssey that encompasses OMD’s entire career, Metroland revels in it’s SynthPop past, delivering a classic electronic sound accompanied by Andy McCluskey’s instantly recognisable vocals. Pure OMD, the song is just what we’d want from a new track from these guys, dramatic, robotic loaded with sparkling synths.

♫ OMD – Metroland

OMD’s Metroland is released  25th March 25, witht he album following on 9th April.

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