[Audio] Ronika & Mylo!

Ronika &Mylo

If there’s a bunch of tracks in the past few months we’ve been dying to hear it’s the fruits of the collaboration between Ronika and Mylo. As soon as we heard these two would be working together, Dance legend Mylo has personally chosen our girl Ron to ‘mentor’ as part of Bacardi’s Bacardi Beginnings project that teams up-and-coming artists with veterans, we’ve been itching to check out the result. We know there’s more than one track incoming, and here is the first Dance (The Modern Way).

Weirdly enough, it does actually sound like Ronika And Mylo working together. It’s essentially very much a Ronika track, but in some respects swaps her jagged retro DiscoPop for Mylo’s warmer, more rounded Dance sound. So, without mentioning Ron or Mylo anymore, the track itself is pretty awesome and despite sounding like a stripped down, hypnotic track, has a hell of a lot going on in it. A long, rich, string and vocal led intro lays down a sense of drama as the tune gradually introduces pulsating arpeggios and a classic House riff, winding up the listener like a rubber band until, just before you snap, launches you into a deep House groove. Loaded with Italo overtones, Dance (The Modern Way) juggles Robo-Pop slickness and euphoric 90s House with ease topped of with Ron sounding sultrier than ever. Ronika and Mylo in the same room is definitely not disappointing so far, can’t wait to hear what’s next.

♫ Ronika Vs. Mylo – Dance (The Modern Way)

No word yet about release dates or when the other tracks will surface. We’ll keep out ears to the ground. If you;re in London this weekend you can catch Ronika DJing at the launch of new Disco clubnight West 54th Street.

Buy Ronika’s music from:

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