[Audio] Xtrafunk’s new tune


Out next month is the new single from one of 2012’s rising stars, German producer Xtrafunk. This guy has been making a name for himself ,over the summer, as a purveyor of shimmering beach part vibes and a retro funk sound. His latest single features some smooth vocals from Loumar and Nas, which just add to Xtrafunk blissful mood.

We’re just about to hit December, and here in London things are pretty chilly, but Deep Down’s smooth retro chords and wicked little licks have the power to warm us right up. Loumar’s silky,  soulful, vocal glides over the track likes walking on air while beneath her velvety tones Xtrafunk rocks warm electric piano, feel-good percussion and a track that rises and falls. Building toward the choruses and easing you back down for the verses. Beach party Disco for the winter months. Xtrafunk has delivered.

♫ Xtrafunk (Feat. Loumar & Nas) – Deep Down

Deep Down is taken from the Last Summer Sun EP, coming 10th December.

Buy Xtrafunk’s music from:

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