Sally Shapiro’s new single

Sally Shapiro

Well this has slipped out a bit unnoticed. We would have though their received, or deserved, a bit more fanfare but it appears to just be ‘there’. It;s the forthcoming new single from amazing Swedish ElectroPop act Sally Shapiro. The titular Sally and Mr. Johan Agebjörn have been doing their studio thing again and come up with a dreamy piece of Pop gold.

What Can I Do? has a distinctly 60s feel to it, mixed up in Agebjörn’s ElectroPop and a little Indie guitar. It’s a sound we weren’t expecting from these two, but it’s both refreshing and very easy on the ears. Shapiro’s understated vocal performance is just a pleasure to listen to, and the whole thing ends up sounding a bit Saint Etienne, bit slightly more contemporary. This is our pleasant surprise of the week.

♫ Sally Shapiro – What Can I Do?

Sally Shapiro’s What Can I Do? is released November 20th on Paper Bag Records.

Buy Sally Shapiro’s music from:


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