Le Matos’ ‘Sarah’

Le Matos

Montréal based power synth producer Le Matos has finally come out of hiding with a new tune. Last time we actually featured his work was in 2009 with his reMix of We Have Band’s Honey Trap. Since then there was the reMix of Johan Agebjörn, Ercola and Queen Of Hearts’ The Last Days Of Summer, but there’s been a lot of silence, which is a pity as this guy knows how to drop a juggernaut synth tune. Well, now that’s about to change with Sarah, Le Matos’ new track.

Sarah has been around in demo for for a while now, but the finished track is driving, epic, SynthWave beast that plays a ringing, bell-like melody against apocalyptic synth chords and a driving arpeggiated bassline. The track’s lead line weaves in and out of the arrangement lifting you up and bringing you down with it. This is some pretty epic synth music right here, ominous and cinematic at times, dancefloor beckoning at others. Le Matos is back!

♫ Le Matos – Sarah

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