She’s The Queen’s ‘Talk To Me’

Today sees the long awaited release of New York ElectroPop duo She’s The Queen’s ‘Talk To Me’. It’s released by me, and frankly that makes me feel a little weird about writing about it, so I’m just going to copy and past the press release…also by me. Suffice to say it’s fucking awesome, if it wasn’t I wouldn’t have devoted the last few months of my life to it.

This September New York ElectroPop Duo She’s The Queen release their fresh new single, Talk To Me.
Upbeat and catchy, Talk To Me sees Drew Kuryloski and Emily White bring together the best in soulful Pop and energetic Dance-Pop, seeped in a love of Nu-Disco and Dreamwave.
Drew’s flawless production sheen compliments Emily’s huge Motown-esque vocals perfectly as the two produce a sure-fire summer favourite. Unique amongst ElectroPop, but classic sounding, the dance beats and bluesy vocals that make up Talk To Me are instantly infectious.
Backed with reMixes raging from Big Room House, to smooth Nu-Disco from the likes of Lightwaves, digitalfoxglove, ODahl and Silenx the Talk To Me single contains something for every dancefloor.

Talk To Me is out today on electronic rumors. That’s right bitches, we’re a label!

Buy She’s The Queen’s music from:


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