Mindscramble reMixes Kites


Manchester’s purveyor of the finest SynthWave and retro synth tunes, Mr. Mindscramble has cooked up another fantastic slice of ‘80’s awesomeness for us in the form of this reMix of  London based Indie-Electro outfit Kites’ new single, This Jumped-up Boy in Livery.

The original of This Jumped-up Boy in Livery is in impressive, deep, mix of Post-Punk and ElectroPop, I burbling synth backing with Gothy vocals, but Midscramble takes it to the next level with with a vintage SynthPop twist. The track starts off in true SynthWave fashion, pulsating synths and warm retro sounding chords, but Mindscrample’s rhythm work and the addition of the vocals gives the track a nice mid-‘80’s UK Pop feel. There’s a little Pet Shop Boys going on there, a little Dead Or Alive too. The frantic arpeggios and piercing lead lines really play in to the drama of the vocal track, resulting in a rich, powerful post-Italo ElectroPop tune.

♫ Kites – This Jumped-up Boy in Livery (Mindscramble reMix)

♫ Kites – This Jumped-up Boy in Livery

Kites’ This Jumped-up Boy in Livery is released 1st October.

Buy Kites’ music from:


2 comments on “Mindscramble reMixes Kites

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  2. Spot on, with that Mindscramble mix 🙂
    It does have a lot of “influences” going on, but it’s pulled together brilliantly.

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