I Am In Love’s ‘Palm’

I am in love shoot by Amy Brammall

Following on from their acclaimed track I Want You, London Indie-Electro quartet I Am In Love are releasing their new single, Palm, in October. It’s a track that’s been kicking around for a while but it’s impending release makes this as good a time as any to feature it.

Palm is a genre defying wall of beautiful noise. Taking cues from Shoegaze, EBM, ElectroPop and ‘80’s Indie, the song confronts you with wall-of-sound guitars tempered with a Euro Industrial synth bassline and impassioned Post-Punk vocals. It’s like a compendium of every thing great about Indie music in the ‘80’s, with a contemporary sheen. Luckily, for us, it feel mostly like a SynthPop track, full of urgency and a nervous tension that drives the song to it’s conclusion.

♫  I Am In Love – Palm

Check out more from I Am In Love on SoundCloud.

One comment on “I Am In Love’s ‘Palm’

  1. this song is like a track from an epic lost 80s movie soundtrack… a movie with eastern european villains, trenchcoats and black turtleneck sweaters, and a trans-wall love story… so awesome.

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