Heartbeat Stars


Heartbeat Stars, as well as being a fantastic band name, is a little collaboration between fantastic German SynthWave girl Lazercat and fellow German Emski. We’re not sure about much about this project to be honest, or even if it’s going anywhere, only that the vocals in this track are supplied by ‘Nora’. Still, how much do you really need to know with smooth ‘80’s grooves like these?

Obsession is part Electro Boogie, part Synth Funk and a whole lot of ‘80’s R&B flavoured Pop. I don’t know if it’s the B-Boy percussion over the laid back Disco beats, the slick LA Funk synths or the sultry, purred, vocals, but something about this track screams 1986 to me. It’s teaming with the DNA of electronic Pop Soul acts from the late mid-‘80’s with just a little added Nu-Disco for good measure. Obsession is a retro joy.

♫ Heartbeat Stars – Obsession

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