He Met Her

He Met Her

OK, so it’s taken us the weekend to decide whether to write about LA based ElectroPop duo He Met Her. There’s a couple of things about them that is a little annoying. Firstly, they are billed as “A Tumblr-savvy duo” with a “GIF-animated EP”. Which is fine, you can see the ‘Gif Animated’ version of their new EP ‘Crime Novela’, here. Which, despite being mostly HTML5 and Flash, is quite a nice way to present an EP, of that there is no doubt. But doing that, and then making a big deal about it, and how it makes you savy and down with the current buzz social network is toe curlingly cheesy and sounds amazingly contrived. It sounds more focus-group than creative, I’m sure He Met Her could have released their EP like this, without promoting it with bandwagon jumping rhetoric, just fine. The other slightly annoying thing is, He Met Her is a dual vocal outfit, and whilst the female vocals are sweet as hell, the male vocals are a tiny bit irritating. A bit smug sounding, not enough to really detract from your enjoyment of the songs, but enough to bother you in the back of your mind.

That said however, the songs are very good. a relentlessly infectious combination of an LA pool party Disco vibe and early ‘90’s ElectroPop. With a raw production style, and the aforementioned male/female, call and response, vocals He Met Her’s music is pure sing-a-long fun. The Crime Novela EP hold five tracks of unswervingly shiny, sexy, electronic Pop music. The record flows quite effortlessly from the upbeat, on tracks like Take Me Tonight, to powerful anthemic stompers in the form Believe In Me. Packed with 90’s Dance-Pop and R&B references, Crime Novela is a great, if slightly jumbled début. There definitely some magic going on with these two, perhaps it needs time to mature though? Either way we look forward to watching the progress.

♫ He Met Her – Okay

♫ He Met Her – Take Me Tonight

Check out more from He Met Her on SoundCloud.

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