More new music from Pilotpriest


We sure picked the right time to get into Pilotpriest. First the jaw-droppingly brilliant album, Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, then came The Canyons in all it’s beauty. Now the Canadian producer had dropped yet another new tune. Cosmosis it ready to lift your day.

Perhaps we’re influenced by the title, but this is galactic fly-by material. You could quite easily re-soundtrack Carl Sagan’s Cosmos with this. It’s a majestic, bombastic, magical piece of synthesizer orchestration. Even at it’s mid-point, where the drums enter the arrangement it looses none of it’s epic feel. Rich textures and layers of synths, evolving and building through. The track almost plays like a companion peice to the original version of Thief, Pilotpriest’s Tron: Destiny soundtrack. But whereas that was quite introspective, Cosmoses captures the larger picture within the same musical framework. We could easily see the two track sitting together in the same movie, but reflecting very different moods. Anyhoo, enjoy the electronic and orchestral awe inspiring Cosmosis.

♫ Pilotpriest – Cosmosis

Cosmosis is out now.

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