Cosmicity’s new EP


Mark Nicholas A.K.A. Cosmicity was one of the only acts to come out of the so-called ‘Modern SynthPop’ scene with any merit. Sure the scene had itself it;s fair share of good songwriters, but the productions mostly sounded very amateurish. Only Nicholas, along with a handful of others, seemed to have a grasp on production and mixing techniques and a feel for contemporary recordings. He;s been quiet for a few years now but has just released a brand new EP. So how does a Modern SynthPop artist stack up in today’s world, where ElectroPop is back to being a proper thing.

Very well as it turns out, the Parlour Sofas EP hasn’t left the Modern SynthPop scene completely behind, but is head and shoulders above anything that crowd ever released. ‘Sealed In’, the EP’s intro is a blissful, pulsating ElectroPop track with Nicholas’ gently vocals drifting across the song and despite subject matter, is a really beautiful tune. Any Love That Comes Along follows immediately and eases the refrain into a more of a pounding hard dance groove. Again, the melancholy in the track is tempered with pleasing synths and vocals. Remember recalls more traditional Modern SynthPop territory, all EBM beats and arpeggios,  and This Is So Lonely sees the EP out with a moody mid-paced BladeRunner vibe. If you pick up the whole EP you also get the instrumental of This Is So Lonely as a bonus. I’m not sure how much of my enjoyment of this EP is nostalgia, or even if that matters, but it’s definitely worth a listen.

♫ Cosmicity – Sealed In

♫ Cosmicity – Any Love That Comes Along

Cosmicity’s Parlour Sofas EP is out now.

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