Parallels’ ‘Days of Summer’


Following on from their, frankly amazing, ‘time Will Crawl’ EP, here is the first preview of Canadian ElectroPop geniuses Parallels new album ‘XII’. They will be showcasing a brand new track everyday on their SoundCloud every day for the next seven days, leading up to the albums 26th June release, and while we won’t be featuring every track, daily (that would be too much) we’ll kick you off with this first one and urge you to keep and eye out for the next seven days of tunes until we get our hands on the album for review.

If ‘Days Of Summer’ is supposed to be an indication of what ‘XII’ holds then we are more excited about this release than ever (and we were pretty excited as it was). It’s a track that covers you in a wash of nostalgia, both musically and lyrically. Shimmering synths reverberate around the track, warm basses and sparkling lead lines weave in and out of one another creating a modern ElectroPop sound that still reflects SynthPop of the past. A contemporary sound that still wears it’s retro influences in it;s sleeve. There’s even a slight Italo quality to it. Holly’s vocals integrate with the track perfectly, at times acting as part of the instrumentation, but all the time weaving a tale of innocence lost, in a good way, and better times. Right now ‘XI’ is out most anticipated album of they year, the end of the month can;t come quick enough.

♫ Parallels – Days of Summer

‘XII’ is due out 26th June.

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4 comments on “Parallels’ ‘Days of Summer’

  1. I have been a fan of parallels for years and so far there is nothing I like about the new material,I dont understand what happend to them.


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