The Zira synthesizer

There’s always something pretty special about homebrew Synthesizers. there a love to them you don;t always find with mass produced kit.

That this instance, Paul Maddox heads up Vaco Loco, makers of unique electronic music devices and he’s a massive SynthWave and ‘80’s fan, so you know he builds kit he want’s to use. He’s just produced the Zira MonoSynth which currently uses the LowPass filter from the Korg Poly 800. It’s a dual digital oscillator, analog filter synth for a nice 80’s sound. Check out the demonstration video for a good overview of how this tiny beast sounds.

The Zira runs down as follows:

* Two oscillators, each with 48 wave forms, a sub oscillator and hard sync.
* Analogue LowPass 24dB/Oct filter. Zira uses the NJM2069AD (New old
Stock) chip found in the Korg Poly 800, DW6000, DW8000 and DSS-1 to
give a stunning warm and rich filter sound.
* The VCA is part of the NJM2069AD and is a low noise, high quality VCA.
* Two ADSRs, one for the VCF and one for the VCA.
* LFO with 4 waveforms, with delay, single shot mode and four routing
* All parameters editable via MIDI CC.
* 64 Patch memories.

And if you want to know  how the Zira sounds in the mix, here’s Depeche Mode’s ‘See You’, all on the Zira (save for the drums).

The Zira is £250 (assembled and in it’s case. So if you’re looking for an interesting new synth, and like supporting new synth makers, then Zira is definitely worth checking out.

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