T&K’s ‘Music Never Lies’


French ElectroPop duo T&K have been pretty quite since the release of their ‘Magic Tank’ album and it’s accompanying reMix EP on On The Fruit Records last year. So it was a surprise to see them dropping a brand new track on their SoundCloud. A nice surprise though.

‘Music Never Lies’ is a quiet little tune that is very much on T&Ks’s style. With a sound akin to Freezepop, but with more floaty vocals. A quaint, SynthPop tune who’s sound comes from Britain via Paris. Gently buzzy synths and vintage drums roll along with toytown electric piano riffs and despite it;s roots in late ‘80’s SynthPop, there a definite ‘70’s vibe to the track. Slightly more introspective than T&K album work, maybe they were just in a pensive mood?

♫ T&K – Music Never Lies (Unmastered)

‘Magic Tank’  and ‘The reMixes’ are out now.

Buy T&K’s music from:

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