Malibu B’s ‘Tropical Heat’

Malibu B

‘Tropical Heat is the latest tuned from Hungarian SynthWave producer Malibu B. The man has been riding high this year with a string of critically acclaimed tunes and cemented himself into the heart of the SynthWave scene with his smooth vibes and Miami Vice moments.

This new tune brings a little LA Funk to the mix with this relaxed tune that’s probably the most Disco thing Malibu B has released so far. Keeping both the slick ‘80’s vibe and the marina feel of his previous work, ‘Tropical Heat’, takes you to that sunset place, waves lapping around your feet. Only this time there’s a Disco injection. Malibu B is coming on leaps and bounds in terms of production, this mix in ‘Tropical Heat’ is pretty sweet, it’s quite a dense track, but everything is sitting nicely, which makes the whole thing the kind of track that allows you to just go with the flow.

Malibu B – Tropical Heat

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