She’s The Queen covers Jeff Buckley

She’s The Queen

I’m not really well versed in the ways of Jeff Buckley, I think it comes from being British and not really into Rock, She’s The Queen have tried to educate me but I’m just not having any of it. What I will have a little slice of, however, their cover of the man’s ‘Last Goodbye’.

It’s their tribute to his, apparently he’s dead. I don’t know about that, I’ll have to take their word for it. Wikipedia backs them up, but y’know, anyone can edit that. I’m sure there’s no conspiracy, I’m just saying it’s not my field of expertise. What I am sure of though, is that Drew and Emily can record the hell out of a song. Drew production is flawless, the sharpest, fullest Pop you’ll ever hear yet at all times subtle. As with the best producers his tracks are rich powerhouses that seem so effortless. Nothing hit you in the face, demanding your attention, everything works together as part of the whole. That’s called mixing! And Emily, well, there is not a more soulful voice recording ElectroPop right now that can even compare. As with Drew’s production, she makes it sound so effortless, every syllable conveying an emotional power that is so rare, even in talented singers. OK, so ‘reader’ you think I’m bias, because they are realising their new single on electronic rumors? You may be right, but that wouldn’t be happening if we didn’t believe in them 100%. Ask yourself which came first?, us writing about how great they were or us releasing their new record, and cast your accusing eyes to the floor.

♫ She’s The Queen – Last Goodbye (Jeff Buckley Cover)

She’s The Queen self-titled début EP is out now.

Their new single is coming out when we’re ready, hold your horses!

Buy She’s the Queen’s music from:

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