Malibu B’s ‘Downtown’

malibu b

Hungary’s Malibu B has been going from strength to strength this year. With a string of awesome tracks and a storming single on Binalog Productions, this is one producer who a definitely getting better and better.

On his latest tune, ‘Downtown’ he brings a little ‘90’s flavour to his ‘80’s SynthWave sound. there is something so indicatively ‘90’s about the combination of synths and the breakbeat from The Soul Searchers’ ‘Ashley’s Roachclip’. Sure, it’s an ‘80’s Hip Hop beat, but use it with dreamy synths and the whole thing becomes hazy ‘90’s Pop. ‘Downtown uses the break at it’s core but gives us the kind of Yacht vibed nostalgic synths over to top that we are used to from Malibu B. The combination adds new, interesting, dimensions to the retro sound.

Malibu B – Downtown

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