Bluebell are a London based duo who loads of different Pop influences into a big old musical mixing pot and come up with a ElectroIndieBedroomPop epics that seriously grow on you. They are releasing their début double A-Side single next month.

Of the two tracks ‘Normal Heights’ is the more impressive, seeming to swing from intimate, introspective Pop to giant, majestic, aria with ease. Verses laden with subtle synths and and the gentle lament of the vocal flow naturally into the tribal bombast and impassioned cries of the chorus. That;s not to say the flip side, ‘Cinderella’ is lacking, if fact it’s probably the better bet for a hit between the two, it;s relentless synthetic chugging grind juxtaposed with Annabel Jones’ fragile, and incredibly catchy, lyrics make for a compelling combination. ‘Normal Heights’ and ‘Cinderella’ make an impressive début, and one that’s bound to see Bluebell getting a lot more attention.

♫ Bluebell – Normal Heights

♫ Bluebell – Cinderella

‘Normal Heights’/‘Cinderella’ is released 11th June on Killing Moon.

Check out more from Bluebell on SoundCloud.

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