seipä’s new tune


We’ve been keeping out eye on Norway’s seipä for a while now, and his new tune ‘Sunset Highway’ is just one more if his full on SynthWave monsters.

‘Sunset Highway’ has all the right elements in the right places. a sprawling , majestic track with a B-Boy beat. Loaded with thick, lush synths that flow over an rapid fire Italo bassline. This track is like a juggernaut, relentless in it’s synthetic assault. Frantic it may be, but harsh it is not, the soloing that rides the track is slick as hell, and with a solid groove. When the synth horns kick in for the finale you are so swept up in the track it just carries you away. The playing off of the aggressive bassline against the emotional leads is what makes this track. ‘Sunset Highway’ is a two headed creature, and works both those two elements perfectly.

♫ seipä – Sunset Highway

Check out more from seipä on SoundCloud.

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