Daroc’s ‘Wonder’


One of France’s best kept SynthWave secrets Daroc is proving that after his long absence his recent ‘Destination’ EP wasn’t a one off. He’s back for good and gearing up to be part of brand new release. ‘Additional Wonders’, a collection of 12 artists reMixing and covering classic tracks from French noisemongers WAT.

Taken from that record is his new song, a cover of ‘Wonder’, I’m guessing the lead track, and it’s truly beautiful. Transcending Disco or SynthWave, even ElectroPop, it’s distant, passionate, vocals hovers ethereally over otherworldly melodic synthwork. This is no dancefloor banger, this is Dreamwave for the mind. transporting the listener to distant planets of sound with cosmic pads and almost baroque keys and a vocal line that lends itself to the epicness and brings a slightly Bowie-esque quality in the second half of the track. This sounds like an  intro, at least that’s what it feels like from an audio narrative point of view, or an interlude. Whichever, it makes us excited to hear the rest of the album.

♫ Daroc – Wonder

Daroc’s ‘Destination’ EP is out now, ‘Additional Wonders’ is released 7th May.

Buy Daroc’s music from:

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