The Polymuse

The Polymuse

This is kind of a weird one. The Polymuse is an Arab-American soprano and internationally renowned Opera singer (I’ll have to take their word for that) Anymuse who has taken on this moniker to drop an EP of five ElectroPop tracks that celebrate her love of dance music.

It sounds like an awesome proposition, and Anymuse is definitely and passionate and talented singer, there’s just one time thing that irks us about the ‘Rebelution’ EP. The Production, courtesy of Dave Wrangler, is terribly dated. To highlight what is great on this EP (and there is a lot to love) Anymuse’s vocals are pretty flawless. She sings with emotion and strength. Her songs are really good too, catchy, meaningful and resonant in a way only highlighted by her soulful performance. The music isn’t bad per-se, not bad enough for us to not really like the EP, but it’s just a little flat and uninspired. Last year’s (last decade’s?) hands-in-the-air riffs, under-produced drums that dominate the mix in a way that makes your toes curl a little and sounds reminiscant of 1998’s Access Virus presets (the ones everyone used back then). Like we said, it’s not really so bad that it stops our enjoyment of the EP, which is really enjoyable, we just can’t help but wonder how much more awesome the EP would have been in the hands of a more talented, or more relevant, producer. Maybe next time. The Polymuse is an extremely talented singer and songwriter, and thankfully that dominates the EP, we’d definitely be interested in hearing more from her.

♫ The Polymuse – Rebelution

The Polymuse – Road 2 Nowhere

The Polymuse’s ‘Rebelution’ EP is out now.

Buy The Polymuse’s music from:

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