Ultravox’s new single


What can you say about Ultravox? Electronic music legends. Whether you’re on Team Foxx or Team Ure there can be no doubt the contribution Ultravox, in whatever incarnation, have made to both Electronic music and Pop music, influencing a generation that would go on to lay the building blocks for all forms of Dance music and bringing a certain majestic quality to early 80’s SynthPop.

Having reformed the classic Ure line up in 2008 for reunion tours it was always claimed that the band wouldn’t be writing new material, turns out that was a bluff and there’s a new album waiting to be released in May. Before that we can have our first listen to the new single, and album title track, ‘Brilliant’, a huge slice of PowerPop that retains the Epic quality of the early Ure years and has a surprising edge to it. Also, how Italo is that bassline? Bodes well for the album.

♫ Ultravox – Brilliant (Radio Rip)

‘Brilliant’ is released 28th May.

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