Queen Of Hearts’ ‘Neon’

queen of hearts

So, when I finally got to hear the wonderful Queen Of Hearts’ forthcoming new single ‘Neon’, my initial reaction was “Ahhhh, that one!”. It’s been a big part of her set the past few times I’ve see her preform and kinda’ become one of the tracks I looked forward to. Up until this point I had, for some reason that has probably to do with brain laziness, presumed it was called ‘Electrify’. Or at least that’s what I was called in my head, I might actually keep calling it ‘Electrify’ just to be belligerent.

But if i did, I’d be so very wrong. It’s call ‘Neon’, and the studio recording more than lives up to the promises made by the live version. ‘Neon’ is both pumping and slinky, which really isn’t two things that you’d imagine can occupy the same space, but Queen Of Hearts, here helped out by John Myers, makes it work. ‘Neon’ is musically a gritty, bass heavy, pulsating track that the Queen’s song drapes itself across in the vocal equivalent of a little black dress. Smooth as silk, her voice glides around chainsaw synths, each verse building to a big anthemic chorus. It’s powerful and edgy ElectroPop, it’s also very very good, and I didn’t mention Goldfrapp once!  Oh.

♫ Queen Of Hearts  – Neon (Produced by John Myers)

‘Neon’/’Tears In The Rain’ is released 14th May as a limited 7” single and digitally with the bonus tracks ‘Forgive Me’ and ‘No More’.

Queen Of Heart’s ‘Arrival’ EP is out now, as is ‘electronic rumors Volume 1’ on which she features.

Buy Queen Of Hearts’ music from:

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