Stereowave are a duo separated by an entire continent. One in LA one in NYC who, thanks to technology, were able to pass tracks back and forth and put together a pretty special EP.

The only downside I can see to this situation is, on listening to Stereowave’s self-titled début EP, you come to realise that this is music meant to be played live. It’s big, powerful ElectroPop infused with a Disco funk and, and here’s where they differentiate themselves from the pack, an anthemic, almost Rocky structure.  It’s actually pretty hard to pinpoint exactly where Stereowave sit musically, there’s so much going on in terms of styles and influences. Once minute they will sound like big Scandinavian stadium SynthPop, the next they will drop some Disco strings or some Jazzy electric piano. It’s a ballsy EP, with a raw quality to it, amongst the soulful vocals and groove sit dynamic buzzsaw synths and EBM beats. So you see, it’s like Funky EBM, or aggressive Disco, or soulful Electro, or just PowerPop that draws it’s DNA from all over the electronic spectrum. Whatever it is, I bet it’s awesome live.

♫ Stereowave – Battle of Actium

♫ Stereowave – Love in Actual Ways

♫ Stereowave – Skylife

♫ Stereowave – Safe in the Sound

Stereowave’s self-titled début EP is out now.

Buy Stereowave’s music from:

One comment on “Stereowave

  1. This group is so sick, just came across them after hearing their remix of Calvin Harris’s “lets go”. their album is killer too!

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