New single from Vanbot


Woo-Hoo! Here’s the new single from Swedish ElectroPop queen Vanbot!

Proving once and for all that the awesomeness that was her self-titled début album of last year wasn’t a one off. ‘Got To Get Out’ is a sublime and atmospheric slice of DancePop. Unmistakably Scandinavian and majestic ‘Got To Get Out’ is euphoric ElectroPop with a sense of urgency. In her own words “’Got To Get Out’ is about my hometown Stockholm and how it’s filled with people experiencing a sense of isolation and separation, how it makes you feel lonely in a crowd,” she explains. “It’s fascinating that people can live so close together without really noticing one another. It’s about exploring the city nightlife and the tendencies people have to chase after the experiences that will cause the best story to tell the next day instead of enjoying the happiness of the moment.”.

Vanbot – Got To Get Out

Go an buy Vanbot’s album right now! Vanbot also appears on ‘electronic rumors Volume 1’, in stores now.

Buy Vanbot’s music from:

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