Ladyhawke reMixed by Punks Jump Up


We’re still in two minds about what we’ve heard of Ladyhawke’s forthcoming new album, some of what we’ve heard is amazing, some of it too rocky for our tastes. I guess we’re just wishing for the good old days of 2008 New Wave Ladyhawke. Take the new single, ‘Black, White & Blue’ it sounds like catchy Ladyhawke, but all those standard rock guitars kinda’ grate on our ears. Enter Punks Jump Up to save the day.

Their reMix of ‘Black, White & Blue’ is exactly what I wanted to hear for the single. I love Pip’s voice so much, so that combined with Punks Jump Up’s bouncy FM bassline is pure gold. Full of hits, stabs and other retro dance tropes this track is gonna’ be so much fun to drop on a dancefloor.

♫ Ladyhawke – Black, White & Blue (Punks Jump Up reMix)

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One comment on “Ladyhawke reMixed by Punks Jump Up

  1. great article, sad how she loose (in this first song) what we love about her, the video is interesting, ut the music is lame, nothing special, hope the rest of the songs have some ssynths and 80s vibe, im still waiting to hear the real ladyhawke

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