Gemini Club’s ‘By Surprise’


Chicago’s Indie-Electro trio Gemini Club are making a welcome return with a new track taken from their forthcoming EP ‘Here We Sit’ which sees a the more groove laden side of Gemini Club making a comeback.

Their last EP had a harder, more raw sound than the Disco influenced ElectroPop we’d been used to hearing from them, but ‘By Surprise’ is more reminiscant of Gemini Club’s ‘Ghost’. In fact, the track borrows heavily from their reMix of The Vanish’s ‘Hold On’ (ah, The Vanish, there’s a band we mourn the loss of). There’s still an element of the newer, more live sound of the ‘Future Tidings’ EP but with a smoother dancefloor vibe. ‘By Surprise’ has all the elements you want in an Indie tinged DiscoPop track. Thick synths, a nice bit of funk with a pumping refrain, and a catchy song to boot. The EP isn’t out until April, but is this is a taste of it then we’re pretty excited for the release.

Gemini Club – By Surprise

‘Here We Sit’ is released 15th April, you can pre-order it here.

Buy Gemini Club’s music from:


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