ComboStar’s new EP


Nine years ago Parisian outfit ComboStar released ‘In My Soul’ a big, filtered French House track that made some waves. Now in 2012 they are back with a new EP on La Valigetta.

The ‘Combostella’ EP is a bit hit an miss, a couple of the tracks on there are a bit Nu-Disco by numbers, a bit uninspired. But these two tracks ‘Straight In The Eye’ and, especially, ‘Discoball Room’ make the EP worth it. ‘Straight In The Eye’ makes great use of some pretty original samples to create a peak time Disco tune that is novelty enough to chart. ‘Discoball Room’, though, is the track that makes the EP. Layers of synthesizer Funk and squelchy little melodies play all over a Disco-House beat. A whole EP of this kind of stuff would have been killer, rather than the commercial, compilation focused Disco, maybe next time.

♫ ComboStar – Discoball Room

♫ ComboStar – Straight In The Eye

ComboStar’s ‘Combostella’ EP is out 6th February.

Buy ComboStar’s music from:


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