Go Yoko!


I’m not really sure how I feel about the existence of Southend electronica duo Go Yoko! yet. having risen from the ashes of one of the UK’s most promising SynthPop bands, The Vanity Clause, the fact that they exist means TVC doesn’t.

Still, can’t fault the music. Form their selection of frantic, and slightly experimental, dancefloor electronics ‘The Reaper’ and ‘Faster’ are the two stand-out’s for me. Both have a cinematic edge to them, both in the rapid-fire Italo basslines of ‘80’s action movies and the large Sci-Fi strings of the likes of Vangelis (who I’m pretty sure each one of Go Yoko!’s tracks contains at least one nod toward). ‘The Reaper combines the aforementioned Italo qualities with brutal Industrial percussion for an end result that’s borderline Old School EBM, while ‘Faster’ combines so many different elements without ever sounding messy or chaotic and soundtracks the action highpoint of a Sci-Fi movie I presume only exists in the guys heads. A promising start.

♫ Go Yoko! – The Reaper (Demo.)

Go Yoko! – Faster (Demo.)

Check out more from Go Yoko! on SoundCloud.

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