The Sound Of Arrows’ ‘Voyage’ album

The Sound Of Arrows

I’ve had a couple of weeks to listen to The Sound Of Arrows’ long-awaited début full length record, which is enough time to get over the anticipation and listen to it on face value, and y’know what? It’s better that way.

‘Voyage’ is an album that can completely stand up on it’s own, hype and reputation aside, this is eleven tracks of SynthPop of such quality you begin to understand what it took a few years to make. All the singles are here (save for ‘Danger!’), and they made the good choice of putting ‘Into The Clouds’ arguable their biggest hit, first. The track immediately reminds you of everything you love about The Sound Of Arrows, the ‘90’s indie-tinged vocals, the pumping synths and the sense of aspiration, and reminds you why you’ve been looking forward to the album for a while. Immediately following is the new single, the Balearic sounding ‘Wonders’, these two single set up the mood for the album, both musically and thematically. Musically the album is, mostly, euphoric stuff. Big major riffs and uplifting beats are the LP’s staples. There are a few downtempo tracks, such as ‘Hurting All The Way’ and ‘Ruins Of Rome’, but even they are shot through with an air of hopefulness rather than melancholy. Which brings me to the strain running through the album thematically. ‘Voyage’ is a manifesto of wonderment, a collection of songs that scream out their hope that the world can be a better place. The album dreams of adult problems seen through the eyes of childhood wonder, stripped down to their basic ridiculousness in a metaphor of magical discovery, culminating in ‘There Is Still Hope’ while the albums exit, ‘Lost City’ is a epic cinematic finale.

I suppose I better find some criticism to make of ‘Voyage….the single’s ‘Nova’ and ‘Wonders’ can get a bit too early 2000’s Ibiza for my tastes these days, whilst they are excellent songs the sounds are a little dated, but that’s it. On the whole album all I could find fault with is two lead synth sounds. If you’re a fan of SynthPop or ElectroPop the The Sound Of Arrows’ ‘Voyage’ is one of the top releases of the year, or the last few years, and set to be an electronic Pop classic with ease.

♫ The Sound Of Arrows – M.A.G.I.C.

♫ The Sound Of Arrows – Wonders

The Sound Of Arrows ‘Voyage’ is released 7th November, a deluxe version is also incoming featuring a second CD of instrumentals..

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