Monarchy reMixed by Dusk


And here we have the latest in the long line of reMixes of Monarchy and Britt Love’s ‘You Don’t What To Dance With Me’. This time Dusk (a mystery man with zero internet presence) takes up the reins.

Dusk has turned in a stomping deep mix of the track. Full of low rumbling synths and tribal drums, it’s a powerful peice of work, only let down by some pretty discordant pitching of the vocals. That aside, the reMix is cool, combining glitchy clicks and pop and toytown melodies with the big percussion and dominant chords in a moody, ominous, dark dancefloor mix.

Monarchy (Feat. Britt Love) – You Don’t Want To Dance With Me (Dusk reMix)

‘You Don’t Want To Dance With Me’ originally comes from the ‘Around The Sun’ album, out now, the single is also out now.

Buy Monarchy’s music from:


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