The Ice Choir

The Ice Choir

Some slick retro SynthPop now from the heart of Brooklyn in the form of The Ice Choir.

The outfit, founded by The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart’s Kurt Feldman and Raphael Randa from Depreciation Guild, release their début single next month. ‘Two Rings’ is a classic SynthPop tune that musically brings early New Order or Pet Shop Boys to mind, that reverby dance beat and sparkly synths,  whilst the vocals have a Marc Almond/Aidan Cassidy quality to them. Very reminiscant of early ‘80’s British Pop in it’s arrangement and vocal melody, ‘Two Rings’ doesn’t try to emulate the ‘80’s, it is the ‘80’s.

The Ice Choir – Two Rings

‘Two Rings’ is out next month on Shelflife/yesboyicecream.

Buy The Ice Choir’s music from:

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