Redrum Alone

Redrum Alone

Italian Electro duo Redrum Alone have updated their 2006 track ‘RevolutionAir’ with a brand new version for 2011.

The new version of the track has a really nice musical dichotomy to it. the bulk of the track is cold and robotic. Regimented drum machine beats and android vocoders lay the groundwork here, but this is tempered by some deep warm synth pads and lilting melodies. The whole track is like a Sci-Fi experience, a journey through one of  Philip K Dick’s megalopolises. In their own words the track “…tell us a story about a philosopher able to travel through the time, as a ‘revolutionary’ spirit. While he observes amazing landscapes he feels the beauty of an interior revolution, which subsequently enables him to change the reality externally.”. What it sounds like a slick slice of pure Electro.

♫ Redrum Alone – RevolutionAir (2011)

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