Pandr Eyez

Pandr Eyez

Some more really classy electronic music is incoming from the label that knows how to spot true interesting talent, Cascine.

Released soon ids the début records from London based duo Pandr Eyez. ‘Eyes On You’ is a deep, soulful, downtempo electronic track.  Elements of the track seem pretty opposed and yet somehow complimentary, Trip-Hop beats sit alongside SynthPop melodies, Dub basslines run under Ferren’s powerful Motown vocals, all sounding starkly different, and alone, but at no point in the track does anything feel like it shouldn’t be there, further if any element were missing the track would suffer for it. Pandr Eyez obviously have a massive range of influences, and working those influences together is quite a feat, but it’s one this twosome seem more than capable of embracing.

Pandr Eyez – Eyes On You

‘Eyes On You’ drops 25th October.

Until the single is released, check out Pandr Eyez on SoundCloud

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