Expo’s new single


It’s been a while since we last heard from Expo, did anyone ever find out who the “rather well-known Belgian DJ-formation.” that made up Expo was?

Well, they’re back with a brand new track, ‘Right Here With Me’, and it’s sheer quality SynthPop. Reeling in the tempo to a nice ‘80’s Pop pace this track isn’t so much dancefloor fodder as what I call a ‘long journey tune’, as in this is what you want on your Walkman (or whatever the kids are using these days) when embarking on a cross-country train/coach trip. Well defiantly be keeping a beady ear on Expo, let’s hope it’s not so long time until the next track this time.

♫ Expo – Right Here With Me

Expo’s new EP should be out in January 2012.

Buy Expo’s music from:

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