Fabian’s début album


Yesterday saw the release of long time electronic rumors favourite Fabian’s début full length album hot of the back of the highly acclaimed ‘last Flight’ single and a storming reMix for The Magician’s new Kitsuné record.

The album, ‘Say Goodbye’ feels like a culmination of everything Fabian has learn in the past few years of solo productions, DJing, and as half of the founders of LexiconDon, during the emergence of Dreamwave and the LA ElectroPop scene. Alongside classic Fabian tunes like ‘Heatwave’, one of the tracks Dreamwave was built on and the latest single ‘Last Flight’ which has everyone in the know going crazy, ‘Say Goodbye’ hold a whole host of killer tunes that span Fabian’s range. From smooth ElectroPop to dancefloor shaking Electro to Funked up Disco tunes. The album is liberally sprinkled with shimmering synths, vocoders, and just about everything you want from and electronic album, there’s a track for every mood. Most of the time, though, your mood after slapping on this album will be ‘get up and dance’.

♫ Fabian – Dreams To Wishes

♫ Fabian – This Night

♫ Fabian – Starlight Love

‘Say Goodbye’ is released this week on Binary Entertainment.

Buy Fabian’s music from:

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