Queen Of Hearts’ ‘Spanish Sahara’

queen of hearts

Massive Disco tunes are all well and good. They’re what gets out blood pumping, they’re what gets our hearts racing, but sooner or later an artist has got to prove there is more to them than dancefloor euphoria. Queen Of Hearts has just done that.

Her latest track, ‘Spanish Sahara’, is a Dreamtrak produced classic SynthPop song. Powerful, emotional, haunting and passionate but tempered with that feels like a little of that British dry humour that works so well in SynthPop (a le Pet Shop Boys), ‘Spanish Sahara’ is on repeated listenings in incredibly sophisticated song. Just take the narrative advancement from the “I’m the fury in your head” refrain to “choir of furies in your head”, a subtle shift that drives the drama of the song. A drama that Dreamtrak’s production follows with a contemporary take on Depeche Mode epics that is perfectly designed to show off The Queen’s impassioned vocal. ‘Spanish Sahara’ comes from Queen Of Heart’s début record, ‘The Arrival EP’, which we’re starting to get pretty excited about round these parts.

Queen Of Hearts – Spanish Sahara (Produced by Dreamtrak)

Also, how cool is the imagery of “like a Lilo loosing air”?!

–Edit– Thanks to The Guardian (who apparetly are confused as to the meaning of ‘exclusive’) I now know that this is a cover of a Foals track. *Shrug*. So it seems many of my compliments should be directed at the Foals’ lyricist. Nice job Dude, pity you can’t do anything interesting with your verse. I’ll take digital bass and Queenie over gangly guitars and gut-wrenchingly bland vocals any day.

Queen Of Hearts’ ‘The Arrival EP’ is out soon, until then check out more from Queen Of Hearts On SoundCloud.

3 comments on “Queen Of Hearts’ ‘Spanish Sahara’

  1. You know this is a cover of a Foals song right?

    Just thought it was weird there was no mention of it in the post.

  2. The Foals track is also awesome – check out the Mount Kimbie remix which takes the song to a whole new level.

    Q of H’s version is ace as well though.

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