Voltaire Twins & Lifelike

Voltaire Twins

Australian SynthPop duo Voltaire Twins are giving away their new single ‘Animalia’ including the reMix package, all for the price of a Facebook ‘like’.

This brother and sister from Perth add their unique take on Indie and SynthPop to the ever growing, ever impressive Australian ElectroPop pool, having already grabbed out attention on the Kitsuné X Ponystep album a while back, the ‘Animalia’ single sees them better than ever. It’s atmospheric and moody, in a 4AD kinda’ way, but amazingly catchy too, they are definitely a welcome fresh voice in Electro. The single reMix package includes tracks from Purple Sneakers DJs, Voltaire Twins themselves and the near flawless Lifelike. The French Touch genius bounces things up with a wicked synth bassline but restrains himself so things never overpower the song.

♫ Voltaire Twins – Animalia

♫ Voltaire Twins – Animalia (Lifelike reMix)

Head here for the single download, all you need to do is ‘like’ them on Facebook.

Buy Voltaire Twins’ music from:


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