Stream Erasure’s new single


Here’s your first taste of what to expect from the eagerly awaited new Erasure album. eagerly awaited not only because it is Vince and Andy’s first studio album since 2007 but also because it has been co-produced by contemporary SynthPop marmite Frankmusik.

The track is ‘When I Start To Break Down’, to be the new single, and bodes very well for the album. There’s a certain epicness to the track that you can see coming both from Andy’s solo work and, more definitely, from Frankmusik. It’s got that heartfelt, with a hint of majestic, melodic quality that Frankmusik used to be so good at before he tried to become an AutoTuned American Hip-Pop nightmare (come home Vince!). The song though, is very much an Erasure track though, but Andy’s Vocals and Vince’s writing shine through and gives up high hopes for the new record. The track also shows what a talent Frankmusik still is, he’s just fallen in with a bad musical crowd or something.

♫ Erasure – When I Start To Break It All Down (Single Version)

‘When I Start To Break It All Down’ will be the first single from the forthcoming ‘Tomorrow’s World’ album, it’s released 29th August .

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