Jordan F’s new EP


Here we have two new tracks from Jordan F’s forthcoming EP.

The Syndey producer is soon to be treating us to a full EP of his slick retro synth epics. ‘Outrun’ is the EP’s lead track, straight-up Dreamwave electro it has all the elements you want. Driven by a punchy digital bass ‘Outrun’ is an extravagant homage to all things 80s and action packed with an upbeat hook, a sweet breakdown and a training montage of a middle eight. The EP continues with ‘Night Pursuit’  which is more of the same but with a moodier, more introspective, vibe. The 80’s bass and leads really shine through in this track. Both track nicely mix up nostalgic melodies and retro synths with solid beats and a Disco flavour. The EP will be defiantly something you should check out.

♫ Jordan F – Outrun

♫ Jordan F – Night Pursuit

Jordan F’s EP is out soon.

Check out more of Jordan’s tunes on SoundCloud.

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