CSS reMixed by Depressed Buttons


I am digging the hell out of this reMix.  CSS and Bobby Gillespie’s ‘Hit Me Like A Rock’ was an interesting comeback for the Brazilian quintet but this reMix from this Omaha trio Depressed Buttons blow the original out of the water.

The Mad Decent signed Depressed Buttons mash-up dancehall beats and crazy synth riffs. it’s noise, exciting and powerful, but that’s only to be expected from three guys who used to be in The Faint (a massive favourite ‘round these parts). Lovefoxxx’s vocals always sound amazing and intense over heavy synthesized music and this track is a prime example.

CSS (Cansei De Ser Sexy) (Feat. Bobbie Gilespie) – Hits Me Like A Rock (Depressed Buttons Mix)

‘La Liberación‘, CSS’ new album, is out on on 22nd August.

Buy CSS (Cansei De Ser Sexy)’s music from:

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