Le Crayon, Kube & Ecxellior


France’s Le Crayon has teamed up with Kube to drop a new tune, ‘We Don’t Care’.

A frantic Disco and talkbox workout, ‘We Don’t Care’ is at the same time chilled and hyper. An effect created by the layering of cut-up Disco and smooth talkbox vocals. Le Crayon’s production takes in a wide range of French influenced from Ed Banger electro to dreamy French Touch and works it into a whole that doesn’t seem cluttered. There’s definitely something about this tune that you can’t help but move to. I’ll be keeping an eye on Le Crayon. Ecxellior are on the reMix with a dirty Funk take on the track. this time it’s all about late night dancefloors and pulsating, body shaking bass. Ecxellior mix, with it’s roll after roll, is designed purely to keep the party jumping.

Le Crayon (Feat. Kube) – We Don’t Care (Ecxellior reMix)

Check out more from Le Crayon on SoundCloud.

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