Erasure’s ‘A Little Respect’ HMI Redux

Out this week is a brand new version of SynthPop legends Erasure’s classic ‘A Little Respect’.

Originally from their ‘The Innocents’ album this new version sees all the proceeds from sale going to The Hetrick-Martin Institute, a LGBTQ youth service organization. In their own words “In the wake of all the gay bullying and related suicides that have been reported in the US over the past several months, Erasure wanted to do something special to spread a message of tolerance and to raise money for an organisation that engages in the fight on a daily basis and, because it has become something of a gay rights anthem over the years, it seemed only fitting to release a brand new version of ‘A Little Respect’.”

The ‘HMI Redux’ is a nice update to the original. In keeping with modern production methods its a lot fuller sounding, and just as damn catchy!

♫ Erasure – A Little Respect (HMI Redux)

The ‘HMI Redux’ of ‘A Little Respect’ is out now.

Erasure @ Beatport

Erasure @ Juno

Erasure @ 7Digital

Erasure @ Amazon

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4 comments on “Erasure’s ‘A Little Respect’ HMI Redux

  1. Blocked on copyright grounds on this side of the pond. Sheena Beaston has a soundcloud version on her page, which works, but it sounds almost exactly like the original. Is it supposed to sound that way?

    • Shit.
      Well, it does sound like the original until you play them side by side, then you notice how much more full it is, theres more backing vocals, wider rhythm section etc…
      It’ll sort this out at some point, upload it somewhere else. I’m knacked right now though. Don’t wanna’ give it away as an mp3 ‘cos, y’know, charity record an all.

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