David Lynch makes an ElectroPop record…really!

So, I’ve always had a love/hate affair with the movies of David Lynch. I’m a massive Twin Peaks fan and love the films where he warps normality and makes you look at the world differently. However, he pisses me off when he just gets weird for the sake of it, like it he feels he has to live up to being ‘David Lynch’. His music, on the other hand, has always interested me.

So, why is he here on electronic rumors? He’s only gone and released an ElectroPop record hasn’t he!

If you’ve ever wanted to know what David Lynch would sound like vocodered over a machine beat and Disco chords then you’re in luck! This little slice of Indie-Electro is surprisingly good, pretty minimal, and gets boarderline 8-bit crunchy in places.

David Lynch – Good Day Today

‘Good Day Today’/’I Know’ is being released by Sunday Best with an Electro album coming next year.

David Lynch @ 7Digital

David Lynch @ Amazon

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3 comments on “David Lynch makes an ElectroPop record…really!

  1. Awesome post! Lynch has such a weird (and interesting) mind — I wonder, though, if he does things like this because he truly loves them or if he’s sort of just delaying his next feature film. I’ve read that he’s going to do a documentary about Transcendental Meditation at some point in the near future. Bleh. More Mulholland Drive/Twin Peaks, less boring proselytizing, I say!

    • Totally agree. More movies about the weird underbelly of society!
      Of course, if he wants to keep up the ElectroPop, that’s kinda’ fine too!

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