The Vanity Clause

There’s some soulful ElectroPop going down in Southend-On-Sea in the form of The Vanity Clause, a band who’s name may be familiar to live music lovers in the south east of England and a band who have just released their début album.

Titled ‘Fractured’, the record is 12 tracks of pure SynthPop with an, almost, Motown twist courtesy of Louisa Strachan, who’s ballsy vocals ride the wave of analog synthesis in a way that hasn’t been heard since the days of Alison and Vince (Yazoo).

Formed by Russell Harris, David Woods and a collection of vintage synth gear (Russ has a white Moog Liberation (who’s control panel makes up electronic rumors banner)! Jealous!), the band gigged around a bit for a few years before recruiting Lou, last year, to complete the sound laid out on their new album. The music is entirely Sci-Fi electronics, with a raw edge. This is possibly due to Russ and David’s rock background which seems, in combination with the vintage equipment, to give the machine-music a live, slightly garage, vibe. It walks the line between slick SynthPop and something a bit more grungy. Which, in turn, makes Lou’s powerful voice so much sweeter as the glue that hold everything together. There’s even hints of New York Disco and Italo as the album progresses.

Check ‘Mr. Fairweathered’ for those vocals at their ‘Aretha’ best over some moody and shuffling ElectroPop.

The Vanity Clause – Mr. Fairweathered

The Vanity Clause’s ‘Fractured’ is our now:

The Vanity Clause @ Amazon

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