Lindbergh Palace

Lindbergh Palace started life as Jonathan Benedict, Josh Harris and some pretty high profile reMixes for the likes of Rihanna and The Killers. Now alongside singer Leah Hayes and Alex Hamadey they are carving out their own unique space in the world of interesting ElectroPop.

Lead by Jonathan and Leah the Brooklyn based outfit have an EP coming out later in the year, this track ‘Scary’ is a perfect example of their audio adventures with analog synthesizers and old drum machines. Musically equal parts Minimal-Synth, ElectroPop and Indie-Electro and topped with Leah’s sometimes wistful, sometimes haunting vocals, all four tracks on the EP are defiantly worth a listen. Particularly the shuffling rhythmd Electro of ‘Starz’ and ‘Day’s Don’t Fade’, which sounds kinda’ like Dreamwave with a New York flavour.

Lindbergh Palace – Scary

Lindbergh Palace’s début EP is out in December, until the go check them out on MySpace and pick up some of their reMixes:

Lindbergh Palace @ Juno

Lindbergh Palace @ Amazon

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