Jonteknik is an electronic Pop act based in Brighton, UK, who got in touch with us a while back and is long over due a featured post!

With quite a prolific career spanning back to 1988 when he discovered Kraftwerk and Jean-Michel Jarre. Since his first release in 1994 Jonteknik has amassed an impressive list of conspirators including Pascal Gabriel (who has produced everyone from Erasure, New Order, S’Express, Kylie and Dido to Miss Kittin, Ladyhawke, Little Boots and Marina And The Diamonds), Claudia Brücken of Propaganda and both Claudia and OMD’s Paul Humphreys on their OneTwo project.

His music owes a lot to Kraftwerk. Robotic beats and synthetic melodies, often arpeggiated, sit alongside otherworldly pads to create a futuristic dystopian soundtrack but, on his album of last year ‘Sounds From The Electronic Garden’, it’s the collaborations with featured vocalists that Jonteknik really shines. With proper vocals his tracks become RoboPop gems, the cold, mechanical, music suddenly becoming warm and emotive, and even catchy.

Not that their is anything wrong with android electro, it’s our bread and butter, but dancing ‘round your room in a shiny silver jumpsuit is so much more fun with lyrics and Jonteknik’s crisp production (which would rival the German robots themselves!) screams out to be sung along to.

This year he has teamed up with vocalist Martin Philip to release a pair of singles, ‘Omnidirectional’ and ‘Pride In Your Pocket’, both tracks are vocoder laden ElectroPop tracks that lean more toward the Mute side of the genre. Intricate rhythms and synthesizer lines wind in and out of each other to provide backing for Martin’s classic SynthPop vocals.

Jonteknik (Feat. Martin Philip) – Omnidirectional

Jonteknik (Feat. Martin Philip) – Pride In Your Pocket

Both singles and Jonteknik’s previous albums are available now:

Jonteknik @ Amazon

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